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Welcome to DBK Bully Camp the home of the American Bully. I am your host Jeremy M. Dunning, the CEO and President of DBK Bully Camp. We are a family based Bully Camp that consist of my Wife Shauntay Dunning CEO of DBK Boss Lady and Vice President of DBK Bully Camp, and our children Jaiden Shainn and Ayanna. We have recently purchased 10 acres in the beautiful country where we plan to better our lives as well as expand our Camp.

We will also be opening a Rescue and Grooming facility in the near future. We have over a decade of experience with the APBT and fell in love with the American Bully about 5 years ago. Our first Bully we purchased was Prince Achillies I loved this boy structure and head shape the moment I laid eyes on him. I have grown to love all the styles of the American Bully but my favorite has to be Standard and Pocket, which happens to be what DBK Bully Camp, specializes in.

It took me two years to realize what style was my favorite. Looks isn’t the only attribute that interest me, although sight is the first thing that you can judge on and still plays its major role. I am a very athletic person I am always on the move, and I like to venture out into nature at times. I need a dog that will be able to keep up with my lifestyle as well as expectations with discipline. I consider myself to be military minded and I raise my dogs the way that I raise my kids. I expect all my dogs to have respect and follow my orders at will. 2014 is our debut in the Show Ring; we are currently attending ABKC dog shows on the East Coast. Show appearances will be updated on our Home Page.

You can expect us to represent The American Bully with the utmost respect. We promise to breed in the best interest of the breed as a whole without jeopardizing his health. We hope to create a consistent look that represents our style of American Bully! Our proceeds off of our breeding’s are poured back into our camp, as well as donated to Community events which you can find evidence of in our Community Service page. We want to repair the tarnished name so many have given to the breed as a whole through misrepresentation and lack of responsibility. The time is now and long overdue, if breeds such as the German Shepard , Rottweiler, and Doberman can overcome and become known as reputable breeds of society then so can the American Bully! Sit forward and hold on because DBKBULLYCAMP will be a name that will shake the world showing how truly amazing The American Bully is.

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